Weed Pipes

One of the most common ways to consume marijuana is by using a glass pipe, sometimes referred to as a glass bowl. Pipes for weed come in many different styles, each contributing their own design and smoking experience to stoners everywhere. The typical types of weed pipes you see today are chillums, spoons, steamrollers, and  sherlocks. Glass pipes, unless you include bubblers, offer a dry smoking experience. This means they lack the water based filtration/diffusion that a bong, bubbler, or rig has, but they provide portable, convenient, tokes on the go.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of weed bowl and what kind of hit they yield.


The most basic of smoking gear, this glass weed pipe is made of a single, usually conical, tube where weed is packed and lit from one end and pulled from the other. They do not have a carb, but typically are only large enough to be filled with one hit. Chillums are regarded as cheap weed pipes.

Spoon Pipes

An upgrade from the chillum, spoon pipes are similar in construction, but feature a bowl on the surface or easy ash deposit, and a carb. The carb allows you to control the airflow of your hit, and hold the smoke in the chamber until you’re ready to clear it.


A steamroller combines elements of the chillum and spoon pipes. Consisting of a long tube, the bowl is placed on top, similar to the spoon pipe, but the carb is located at the end, like the chillum. Like the name implies, these are heavy hitters.


Sherlock pipes get their name from their arched stem, similar to Sherlock Holmes iconic tobacco pipe. The smoke travels up the stem, which is especially nice if you have a fumed glass pipe. If the stem is extra long, they’re commonly referred to as a Gandalf pipe, like from LOTR.