Weed grinders are designed to break your cannabis down for a higher level of smoking. Not only saving you from sticky fingers, using a weed grinder will allow you to shred your bud into fine pieces, creating more surface area for the herb to burn completely. This helps the release of cannabinoids and terpenes inside the marijuana to be inhaled.

There are tons of cool grinders to choose from in different colors, sizes, and types, but you want to find what works for you. There are 3 major types of grinders: two piece grinders, three piece grinders, and four piece grinders. Depending on the amount of flower you smoke, you may not need a large herb grinder. 

A marijuana grinder with 2 pieces, also known as a one compartment grinder, is a simple design where weed will be ground and removed in the same compartment. A dry herb grinder with 3 pieces adds another layer making it a two compartment grinder. This extra layer allows for the weed to filter through into the bottom for easy retrieval. Finally, 4 piece grinders, also called a three compartment grinder, adds another layer at the bottom called a kief catcher. A small screen sifts the pollen to the bottom to be collected for a super potent bowl topper or blunt stuffer later.

The teeth of an herbal grinder are an important part of choosing your own. More teeth means less time grinding, but make sure the teeth are well placed for a uniform grind. As always, you can use these for tobacco grinders as well.

Check out some of the best grinders available below!