Yocan Hive Review

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Yocan Hive 2.0 Review

The Yocan Hive 2.0 stands a little over 3 inches and contains two wax atomizers for use with both weed concentrate oil and wax. The juice atomizer is a top fill unit complete with magnetic connector that guarantees no leakage, but you can also use any 510 oil cartridge. The concentrate atomizer is constructed with a single quartz coil to produce clean vapor. An upgrade to their original Hive, the Hive 2.0 has included three adjustable voltage settings to customize your vaping experience.

Yocan Hive 2.0 Color Options

While being one of the smallest and most discreet weed vapes on the market, the battery life is great. Able to last while out for short day trips without needing charged, it worked well for me, but it may not be the best for frequent weed pen smokers. The 650mAh battery is built-in the device and cannot be removed. The micro USB charging outlet is located on the front of the unit and is easy to use whether you’re charging your vape in the car or at home.

A single button on the side of the vape turns the unit on and off and controls the 3 heat settings. 5 clicks will turn your device on and off. Three clicks will select your heat setting. There are three indicator lights above the button that will indicate if it is low, medium, or high. One blue light means low, two means medium, and three means high. The lights will also light up when charging to show the power level, and will flash repeatedly if the atomizer is not placed in the device correctly. This is a really handy feature for beginners not sure how far to screw their atomizer or if you’re too high putting it the unit.

What comes with your Yocan Hive 2.0

  • 1 Yocan Hive 2.0 Box Mod
  • 1 Juice Atomizer
  • 1 Concentrate Atomizer
  • 1 Pick Tool
  • 1 Connector
  • 1 Micro USB 
  • 1 User Manual 

Yocan Hive 2.0 Box

If you’re looking to smoke thicker oils, I do not recommend this vape. Thinner oils work best with the Hive 2.0 while thicker oils don’t vape completely. There is also a possibility that thicker cannabis oils will burn the wick. Also keep in mind when filling your tank that Yocan only recommends up to 0.8ml of cannabis concentrate. Anymore and you might end up with sticky mess. If that does happen, cleaning is easy and able to be done with just some alcohol and cotton swabs. Simply take the pen apart and soak the pieces in isopropyl before brushing them with the cotton swabs. Reassemble everything and hold down the power to burn off any excess alcohol and you’re ready.

The atomizer tank is shipped already installed into the device, which can sometimes arrive broken from transit. I’ve seen others complain about this and while it sucks, Yocan does offer a one-year warranty on the product. Once again, not ideal, but they’ll send you a new one out. I’ve also seen several others online complain about their button rattling. I did not experience this problem, but there have been so many reports of it there must have been a batch that got past QA.

For the price of the Hive 2.0, we would recommend it to others. It’s compact, portable, comes in several different colors, and won’t break the bank. Overall I think it’s a great addition to the Yocan line and is a greatly improved version of the original Hive.The voltage flexibility helps with issues older Yocan model users had where using it for extended sessions left a burnt taste, like me with my old Evolve. Now the vapor quality is much better and makes for a much more enjoyable vaping experience.

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