What To Do When You Get Too Stoned

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Nobody likes the experience of being too high. While some may joke that it isn’t possible, I’m here to tell them they’re wrong. There’s a difference between getting really high intentionally and unknowingly passing your limit. While you can’t die from a cannabis overdose, it can produce an unwanted anxiety response that can make you feel sick or paranoid.

First and foremost, let me repeat, you can’t overdose on marijuana. The National Cancer Institute states that, “ Because cannabinoid receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration, lethal overdoses from Cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur.”

Weed can however increase heart rate, lower blood pressure, produce reddened eyes, and increased muscle relaxation. All of these factors together can cause heightened anxiety, but rest assured it should only last a couple of hours. Your heart rate will come down, your anxiety will settle, and the nausea will calm.

If you’re feeling too high; Don’t panic. [READ BELOW]

Here are some great tips and tricks to use during those times.

Sleep it off

If possible at the moment, try to get some sleep. Lay down in a dark calm room — maybe throw some jams on if you can’t handle the silence. It’s a bit difficult for those of us with racing minds, but it’s the best if you’re by yourself or feel physically sick. Physical nausea is also said to be alleviated with a hot bath.

Sometimes sleep really is the best cure, and no matter what your mind is saying or if you’re having trouble actually falling asleep, don’t get up. Pacing around your home and freaking out won’t help. Just try letting your mind and body relax.

Drink water or coffee

One of the first signs of being “too stoned” is dry mouth (and when you get that high you start to notice your own mouth sounds.) Drinking a lot of water before and during your smoke session is helpful in preventing over medicating, especially if you don’t typically drink a lot of water. Take slow slips of cold water and swallowing will help you control your breathing.

If you’re a regular coffee drink, this option can help you regain focus and clarity. Just keep in mind this can dehydrate you and cause other adverse effects.

Take a walk or get some fresh air

If you’re comfortable leaving your safe zone, we recommend taking a walk. Sometimes the mind and body get overwhelmed, and some light exercise in fresh air is a great way to clear your head. This change of pace can distract you, and maybe even make you feel a little closer to nature and your surroundings. Take deep breaths and make sure you keep moving.

Talk to someone

Calling a trusted friend can help alleviate a lot of anxiety. If they’re a true friend, they won’t hassle you or poke fun at the situation. Have them ask you questions and tell them what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling. They can help you understand what’s actually happening versus what you think is happening, and re-assure you that you’re not melting. If they can meet you in-person, even better.

Put things into perspective

“Everything is okay, everything is going to be okay, I am okay,” use this little mantra to help bring you back to Earth and off cloud nine. Often when you get too stoned, it’s difficult to differentiate your thoughts and your reality, thus you may get really paranoid or scared for no logical reason. Don’t let your high mind play tricks on you. Remind yourself no one has every died from weed and that once this feeling passes everything is going to be okay.

Distract | Ground yourself

Often when you get too stoned, it’s difficult to differentiate reality from the crazy shit your mind is thinking about right now. Not being able to discern one from the other can cause more paranoia or irrational fear for no logical reason. By giving yourself something to do or to focus on, it can help pull your mind away from being too high. 

Be aware of whatever you decide to do, listen to, or watch doesn’t make you feel more uncomfortable. Some choose to practice yoga, while some may play a video game or solve a puzzle. Stay away from things such as scary movies or abstract images. Drawing, listening to your favorite music, or cleaning are great ways to bring yourself back to reality.

For Next Time

Smoking responsibly and knowing your limits is the best way to avoid getting too high. Don’t feel pressured by who you’re smoking with to have more than usual or try something new if you’re not completely comfortable with it. If you do decide to try something out of your smoking comfort zone, do it will people you trust and in an environment you’re 100% comfortable in to ensure you stay safe and enjoy the experience.

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