Best THC Cartridges of 2019

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Best THC Cartridges 

Since legalization in 2018, the California cannabis industry has had continuous success totaling $116.6 million in the reported 1st quarter of 2019. This revenue has, and continues to encourage a surge of technological innovations within the cannabis community; one of the most universally appreciated being pre filled vape cartridges. Commonly referred to as a THC cartridge, weed cartridge, or vape cartridge, these small treasures are lifesavers on long trips where you can’t bring your rig. 

Usually containing between 0.5 and 1.0ML of concentrate, thc oil cartridges are available in practically every strain and they’re ready to go once they’re screwed in your oil vape. While companies are always creating new products, here are some of the best vape cartridges we’ve seen on the market this year.



Canndescent launched their ultra-premium cartridges back in late January of this year, and they’ve done nothing but impress since. With potencies ranging between 82%-86% depending on strain and 100% oil-absorption guarantee, we’re begging you to give it a try. They pull great and I would personally recommend you try Charge for an uplifting experience that won’t leave you couch locked.



Rove takes pride in their ability to provide 100% organically grown cannabis that is sourced directly from one of the trusted in-state farms in their collective network. In fact, you can find out exactly which farm your thc cartridges came from as it is featured on each box. This single source oil is solventless and CO2 extracted for the most pure, clean hits.


Moxie Extracts

I tried this cart when the dispensary was out of my usual choice. I picked up Strawberry Fields, and indica dominant hybrid, and could only find the sativa in the familiar strawberry cough flavor. This cart knocked me back both in taste and experience. Using their three-step, pharmaceutical level processes to produce all natural concentrates, this brand knows quality. They also invest in research and education to further the advancement of the cannabis industry. Another reason to give Moxie a try next time you pick up.



Kurvana has been in the industry for a long time. Previously their thc cartridges were rated weakly, but they’ve now come back with their Kurvana ASCND. Changing up the hardware and the formula, we recommend everyone give them another try. Each batch of concentrate undergoes a 50-step CO2 extraction process to achieve the purest oil that contains 95% plant cannabinoids. Lab tested both in-house and by a 3rd party, Kurvana aims to provide only quality products.


Brass Knuckles

Established in Los Angeles by rapper Xzibit, Brass Knuckles is well known and was widely regarded as the best vape cartridge brand for a long time. A slew of fake copy cats started to give this killer brand a bad name, but they’ve continued to push through with the quality of their genuine products. Their website details monthly lab results of each concentrate batch. The potency of their cartridges fall around 71%, perfect for those not looking to get couch locked. 



I feel like this brand emerged overnight. Everywhere I turn someone has a cookies cart on their pen, but I felt like I could never find them. I didn’t try them until recently, but they didn’t disappoint. Claiming to be from a garage in San Francisco, this company promotes the Cookies lifestyle of always striving to grow. They have certainly done just that. Carts potency falls between 80-86%.




Stiizy Pod Distillates test at around 80%THC levels and are handmade using a solvent free CO2 extraction method. While they don’t attach to the standard 510 threaded battery like most others in the industry, the thc vape it works with is sleek and discreet for easy use. It pulls great and is easy to use, which is a big reason everyone loves these pods. The worst thing about these carts is that they are not sold everywhere and no other pod fits into the Stiizy vape.


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