Best CBD Bath Bombs Review

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a plant cannabinoid found in cannabis that is non-intoxicating and does not produce psychoactive effects like that of THC. Working on different brain receptors than THC, many use CBD as a natural remedy to treat pain, anxiety, and a variety of other ailments, most notably seizures. As CBD has grown in prominence with the legalization of cannabis, innovators have found great ways to incorporate it into their daily life, most notably in the form of bath bombs. 

What are CBD Bath Bombs?

Just as the name implies, CBD bath bombs are bath bombs with CBD inside! Just drop it in and let your worries float away. Did you know CBD can be absorbed through the skin? The idea behind these bath bombs is that a dose CBD combined with other essential oils, vitamins, and minerals creates a better experience than just using CBD alone. You’ll find CBD Bath Bombs with additives like clove, Vitamin C, witch hazel, lavender, and peppermint oil just to name a few.

CBD Bath Bomb

While the positive effects of CBD have you sold on combining it with bath time, you’re still not sure who to trust when it comes to choosing the right CBD bath bomb. Well, worry no more! Our CBD bath bombs review covers the best, most trusted brands to help you make an informed and safe choice (no throwing off pH levels here!) All of the bath bombs on our list provide quick, lasting relief in luxurious style. Keep reading to find the perfect CBD bath bomb for you.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs 

Kush Queen is a woman-owned business focused on providing the most natural and organic products possible. That means that all essential oils, including the CBD in Kush Queen Bath Bombs, are sourced organically. No expense is spared in finding the best ingredients for each bath bomb, and the attention to detail really pays off. Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs nourish your skin, leaving a healthy glow behind. There are a ton of scents to choose from too, each with a specially designed and safe formula.

Kush Queen offers three dosages: 10mg for their minis, 25mg for standard bombs, and up to 100mg for their Shield bomb. That’s lower than other companies, where the standard is 50mg. Kush Queen Bath Bombs are also more expensive than other brands per mg of CBD. If you’re on a budget, consider another brand, but if you want the most premium CBD bath bomb experience, Kush Queen was made for you.

CBD Living Bath Bombs

CBD Living specializes in a ton of CBD products, so it’s unfortunate that they only offer four fragrances of their 60mg bath bombs. Despite a lack of choice, these organic bath bombs have natural staples like, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Coconut. Priced to sell and chock full of CBD, these powerful bath bombs melt away the day in just half an hour.

Made with natural scents and dyes, the CBD Living Bath Bombs offer an explosion of powerfully relaxing aroma and delightful color while still being safe to use. They also include skin-soothing ingredients like shea butter and eucalyptus for a whole-body nourishment experience. 

Pure Kana Bath Bombs

Everyone knows that Pure Kana takes the purity of their ingredients seriously. Their CBD is rigorously sourced and tested not only for strength and purity, but also to ensure that there is no THC. The same standards are held to the CBD oil in their line of bath bombs. With scents ranging from Cucumber to Midnight Roses, there’s something for everyone and enough that you never get bored. 

Like all the best CBD bath bombs, Pure Kana bath bombs are only made with safe, organic, high-quality ingredients. Unlike a brand like Kush Queen, however, which uses unique recipes for each bomb, Pure Kana uses the same basic recipe for all their bath bombs. That’s okay, though! Just know that if one works for you, another scent will, too! Competitively priced at $12.99 per 50mg, you can trust Pure Kana for an excellent product.

Life Elements Bath Bombs 

For when you have serious pain and need a serious dose of CBD - Life Elements has you covered. With CBD bath bombs ranging in 50mg, 100mg, and an incredible 200mg, these extra-strength bombs aren’t messing around. Made in small batches and chemical free, Life Elements is serious about the relief they’re providing for their patients. They are dedicated to using the best ingredients for a safe and luxurious bathing experience beyond the relief of CBD.

Using ingredients like witch hazel, goat milk, ylang ylang, and many others in one bomb gives you the most benefit to your skin, immune system, and pain relief. These bombs are also the most aromatic on our list, though there are only a couple to choose from. Don’t expect any color, either. Life Element Bath Bombs focus more on the healing than the flashiness of other bath bombs, which is respectable. This is especially true since the 200mg bombs cost only $20! Potent and affordable, these are some of the best CBD bath bombs on the market.

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